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Rictusempra--A Harry Potter RPG
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Welcome to Rictusempra! A Harry Potter RPG community that takes place in Harry's 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry!

This RPG is a fun and easy game where you will get a change to be someone else and to meet new people and make new friends. You will grow as a writer and gain more experience in the RPG world. But most importantly, it's here to have fun. I mean, who wouldn't want to pretend they're going to Hogwarts?

This RPG is for those who are 15 or older, sorry. Some swearing and adult themes may become an issue. Yes, there may be slash, so if you're not comfortable with this please don't apply.

Not just anyone can join this RPG; you must apply for it, and get accepted by me. The number one rule that we can not stress enough is not to become inactive!!! If you do you will be removed from this community no questions asked, and the person you were will be back up for grabs or we will have to make up a story about your untimely death! You must post at least once every week, but try to post more because it makes things more fun after all.


All Posts will be friends only as that is the minimum security level set to this community. All posts within this community MUST be in first-person. You may also (of course) post an entry into your character's personal journal (make sure they're in first-person) but please keep posting in here too! You must have good spelling, grammar, etc. If not, you will get a warning letter from the Headmaster.

The general story line of the next two weeks will be posted in the headmaster's journal on the first and third Sunday of each month. They will be very, for example: Saturday-Students go to Hogsmeade. They are vague because the point of this game is to make up a story, you're suppose to make up your own personal story of what happened at Hogsmeade that day. Get it? Good. Remember, if you have any questions just send an owl to the headmaster.

Story lines may be created by the students on approval. If you want to create a relationship with another character, go ahead, just make sure you email me and tell me the reasoning. And remember, your relationship will be public, so try to keep it semi-clean. If there is no reason for people to fall in love, than it shouldn't happen! Draco will not fall in love with Hermione; Harry will not go mad for Crabbe or Goyle...Etc... Unless you can really fight your case, it might make things interesting to have a Hermione/Draco relationship.

This, of course will be done in this community, and in your character's personal journal. This community is where everything BIG will happen. So treat your character's journal like they're writing in their own journal. Talk about what happened at Hogwarts (this community) what happened on the train, in quidditch, in the common-rooms, etc. Treat this community like Hogwarts, Where you can interact with teachers, students, ghosts, and all the other characters. Please make everything in first-person!

Also remember to check out the other character's journals, comment in them regularly and make conversation with them. This is after all a school, how are you going to make friends (and enemies) without talking to people.

Although we let everyone have their own take on characters & make their own twists, and own personalities please stay mostly true to what is in the books! However, there may be things that happen here that wouldn't happen in the books, if you are not comfortable with this, please don't join.

Slash is alright as long as there's reason for it. As stated before, Harry should not fall madly in love with Crabbe or Goyle. You must explain their emotions, and why they feel that certain way about another character. If you get out of control with descriptions, are not following through on the plot, or are starting relationships that have no meaning & don't make sense, you'll get a serious letter from the Headmaster!

You MUST keep active! You have to post at least once a week! First time you fail to obey this you'll get a letter from the Headmaster. The 2nd time you'll get a more stern warning, 3rd time you risk being expelled from Hogwarts (and this community). No questions asked. You'll be gone. bye bye!

These are usually warnings for
-Not posting anything in the community in over a week
-Having/Using really bad grammar
-Flaming people
-Going off-topic (i.e.: Where'd you get your icon? Could we switch characters? etc)
-Improper use of a Howler (sending one for no good reason)
-Taking your character totally out of their original personality
-Making a relationship without permission from me (I'm only doing this so everything doesn't get out of hand)

These letters will be posted by the moderator's journal with the subject 'Letter from the Headmaster to: Character's Name’ If your name is not on them, please don't read. I'm counting on honesty here, would you want someone else reading your mail. When you see your name on a letter please read and comment so we know you saw it. You can send owls and howlers to other students in this same way. Just post a message in your personal journal and put it under a LJ cut. In the subject put who it's to and if it's an Owl or a Howler

We keep a tally of how many letters from the headmaster are given to each person. Once you get 3 you may be expelled. Yes that's right...expelled from Hogwarts!

You must be 15+ to join. If I find out you are younger…well, let’s just hope I don’t have to deal with that. You'll also need to send in an application to join.
Send it to Lansten_fan@hotmail.com (that's me). I will reply by e-mail to tell you if you have been accepted within 2-5 days. If you don't receive anything you probably were not accepted! Sorry!
Do NOT join if you're not going to have enough time to play in the RPG, or if you just want to join because 'everyone else is doing it' do not just leave & abandon your character, you must stick with it!

After you've joined, & been accepted you must create a journal specifically for your character. The username should be related to the character you've been accepted for. If you can't think of a suitable name, please just e-mail me to ask for help.
After you've set-up your character's journal you must include these facts in your user-info
Age and birthday:
You will also need an icon. If your character has not yet been revealed in the movie series or they’re not an actual book character, then please find a celebrity (actor, singer, etc) that looks similar to your character, find a picture of them and make a 100x100 icon of them. If you need help making one, please e-mail the picture you want to use and your characters name to me and tell us you need help making an icon.

A sample journal can be found here (this is my character, Hannah)

After you've done all that, you will be added to all the communities that are part of this one, including the Headmaster's journal. So you can view all the entries. Also make sure you add all the students to your own journal or you won't know when they update.

Copy & paste the following into an e-mail, fill it out, and send it to Lansten_fan@hotmail.com. Check the CHARACTER LIST to see the characters that are free or feel free to make up your own character. If you make up your own character be sure to describe them fully in your user info.

[About You]
Had any RPG experience?: (yes/no) (if yes tell us where & when)
Have you made sure to read the rules?: (yes/no)
Why should we accept you to be this character?: (tell us if you have things in common with the character, your personality, your appearance, why you love them so much, and why YOU would be the best choice for this person)

[About your Character]
Age and year:
Personality: (be detailed. Make up some of your own ideas, don't just go by what was in the book)
Appearance: (be detailed. Make up some of your own ideas, don't just go by what was in the book)

Do you have a personal LJ, if so what's your username?:
What do you want your character's journal name to be?: (tell us & make sure it's not taken before you apply, so if you're accepted we can add that username to all the communities journals)

[Sample Entry]
(Write a sample entry. write what your character is doing at the time, thinking, and feeling, write at least one full paragraph so we can get a sample of what you can write)

I think that's all. Sorry for the long rules list, but it was needed. Have fun!!!