Hannah Johansen (hannah_johansen) wrote in rictusemprarpg,
Hannah Johansen

What a bad day

Well, today was horrible. Not a good way to start off the year. Divination was fine, I think the professor is really starting to like me, I’m one of her better students. I don’t understand why most people don’t like that class, I love it. You find out so many amazing things about people and I really believe you can tell the future, even though I’m not good at it yet. My favorite part is dream interpretation, it’s so entertaining.

Well, that was the only good part of my day. I had potions after that and you can only guess how that went. I think that Snape hates anyone who isn’t a male or pure evil. I got yelled at twice for things that I wasn’t even doing. There was some Ravenclaw girl behind me seeing what colors she could make out of the ingredients we had. It looked really cool, but the problem was Snape saw and I got in trouble for it. I was actually doing my potion right and he gave me a failing grade in the end.

After that my day was going ok, it wasn’t great but I wasn’t having any problems like I was in potions. Then during my free time Snape saw me in the hallway and yelled at me for not being in class. I told him I didn’t have a class but he didn’t believe me. So he took me to see the headmaster, I waited an hour to see him and then we finally got everything sorted out. By the time we were finished it was time for class to be over. What a waste of time. Well, I’m off to dinner.

I miss Percy. Maybe I can find Lauren and Rose, they always make me laugh.
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