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First week of classes.....yippee!!!!!

Ok so it's the first week of classes and I guess everything is going ok so far. I think that Herbology is going to be like the easiest course this year. I'm sitting close to Neville, so I should do well. Not that I would cheat off of him, hehe. I'd feel bad if I did. I saw Draco in Charms, yesterday. And even though I can't stand anything he stands for I must say that he is quite dashing. Well I guess it don't matter if I tell you that right journal?? I hate these feelings that I'm going through, but I can't help it. I should try to get together with Hannah Abbott. She is one of the few girls that makes me like I don't need to impress her with my money, brain, or anything else. All I have to do with her is just be myself. I best get going now, I'm meeting up with her in the Library to go over some Charms HW.

Ernie Mac

P.S. Doesn't "Mac" sound so much cooler than "MacMillan"
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